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This blog was only meant to run as a stop gap until the main website was up and running. is now live so please go there for any future news. There will be no further posts to this blog.


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researchED 2013 Update 9/4/13

The conference continues to gather momentum, speakers and supporters. In the last week we have confirmed the support and participation of three major players: the Department of Education, the Times Educational Supplement and Sage Publications, all of whom are providing assistance in various ways. Partnering with the TES in particular enables researchED 2013to enjoy significant media exposure and promotional assistance, and we’re proud to work with them. No body associated with the conference expects any kind of editorial or political influence, which is exactly how we intend to stay- as close to a grass roots organisation as possible.

More and more speakers have joined us, from the teaching, research and teacher leader communities: Katie Ashford, Teach First Ambassador and talented writer/ blogger; Carol Evans, Associate Professor of the University of Exeter; Chris Waugh, teacher and founder of Edutronic, who will be presenting to the conference a unique piece of educational research carried out by the online teaching community ; Peter Yeomans, of the University of Plymouth; Ruth Kennedy, ex-senior civil servant and public service innovator; Joe Kirby, also Teach First ambassador; Helen Drury, Director at Mathematics Mastery, Ark Schools; Ollie Orange, Mathematician.

The Institute of Effective Education, York University, will be delivering a set of sessions for teachers and school leaders on a variety of topics, such as How to Read Research, Perceptions of Evidence, and The Right Research for the Right Question. They’ll also be providing a stand and support on the day.

More speakers are signing up every day, and the mailing list is now running into several hundred. The Twitter account is now running at 1100. Join us at @researchED2013 for daily updates and join in the conversation. I’m investigating ways that we can ensure that the event sizzles with wireless so that everyone can keep up to date, and so we can stream the event live online. Videos of speakers will also be available on the website. Tickets should go on sale shortly.


The researchED 2013 website is almost ready to launch; currently you can get updates on but soon we’ll be transferring to a website that’s more flexible and set up for videos etc.

One final thing from last week: I’ve been looking into ways to make the website more interactive. The conference is fantastic but there should be something live and ongoing that reflects the interest and passion that people obviously have for evidence-based-education. Watch this space for details about ways you can get involved in research, and how we can turn all of our conversations into action….


See you in September, and thanks for being involved.

Tom Bennett

Director, researchED 2013




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Sponsor and speaker news

researchED 2013 is delighted to announce the support and sponsorship of Sage Publications
Joining us: workshops on how to get research published, by Sage Publications

We’re delighted to announce that the Institute for Effective Education (IEE), University of York, will also be supporting the conference, and providing workshops on what methodologies work best in educational research, and how teachers can carry out research

New speaker: Carol Evans, Associate Professor of the University of Exeter will be discussing her work at researchED 2013

New speaker: Chris Waugh, teacher, blogger and founder of Edutronic will be delivering a presentation to the conference about research carried out by the online blogging community, specially for researchED 2013, and talking about his experiences doing so.

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New speakers

Peter Yeomans, the University of Plymouth, Lecturer in Primary ICT, School of Education has been added to the speaker list;
also, Ruth Kennedy, ex-senior civil servant and public service innovator, will be joining us.

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Conference Update


All we could find was this tiny place...

All we could find was this tiny place…


The story so far:

researchED 2013 has been up and running for less than two weeks and already, it’s developed a life of its own. The Twitter account has almost 1000 followers, the mailing list runs to several hundred, and we’ve had enquiries from America, Hong Kong and Australia about participation and attendance. The response has been astonishing.

Here are the confirmed speakers and contributors so far:

  • Ben Goldacre, physician, writer and scourge of bad science
  • Sam Freedman, Director of research, Teach First, and formerly adviser to Michael Gove
  • Dr Rebecca Allen, from the Institute of Education
  • Professor Daniel T Willingham (sending an exclusive video contribution), psychologist, University of Virginia, author of ‘Why don’t kids like school?’
  • Professor Robert Coe, Durham University, director of CEM
  • Dr Carol Davenport, Professional Development Leader, National Science Learning Centre
  • Laura McInerney, Fulbright scholar at the University of Missouri, writer for LKMCo
  • Emily Perry, Secondary Professional Development Leader, NSLC
  • Brian Lightman, General Secretary of the ASCL
  • Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education
  • Daisy Christodoulou, Managing Director of the Curriculum Centre
  • Mary Whitehouse, Project Director for York Science, York University
  • Amanda Spielman, Chair of OfQual
  • John Tomsett, Head Teacher and member of the Headteachers’ Round Table
  • Tom Sherrington, Head Teacher and member of the Headteachers’ Round Table
  • David Weston, Director of the Teacher Development Trust
  • Tom Bennett, Teacher, trainer, writer, Director of researched 2013

All of them are experts in their field or have a unique perspective on research in education and how we take it further. Some of them will be addressing the conference in keynote speeches; others will host Q&As; others will take part in panels and teaching labs.

Venue: We can now confirm that researchED 2013 will be held in Dulwich College, London, on the 7th September 2013. It has to be a Saturday so that many people can attend; often teachers are excluded from conferences in research due to their mid-week scheduling clashing with…well, having a job as a teacher. Dulwich College is a fantastic venue with great facilities and an easily accessible location. We’re extremely grateful to the Principal of Dulwich College for his support and proud to be associated with the College.

Sponsorship: We’re in talks with several sponsors, and I’m delighted to say that the TES has agreed to support researchED 2013 and has made it clear that it supports the aims of the project with no desire whatsoever to influence the agenda of the day.

Support: Many people have already given up their time to make this event work and we’re incredibly grateful. If there’s anything you think you can do, please get in touch with us at the email address at the foot of this update. Helping on the day, marketing, design, advertising, promotional material, filming….there’s an enormous number of ways to get involved, so please do if you can.

researchED 2013 is shaping up incredibly. It’s a testimony to the sincerity and generosity of people that it’s taken shape so quickly, so well. There’s a huge appetite out there for talking about evidence-based research in education, and it would be a crime if we didn’t do something about it. My only regret is that we have to cap the numbers attending…

Our aim is to keep you posted on a weekly basis with developments in researchED: when tickets go on sale, who’s appearing, how you can get involved. We have some ideas in the pipeline that could be very exciting……

Best wishes


Director, researchED



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All the way from America

Another speaker has been confirmed (flights permitting):

  • Laura McInerney, education blogger and researcher (@Miss_McInerney)will be speaking (flights permitting).
    Here is her bio: ‘I taught in in East London for the past six years and am now completing a Fulbright sponsored Phd in Education Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri.
    My research involves looking at what can be learned from the sometimes successful & sometimes disastrous implementation of ‘Charter’ Schools in various US states. [Charters are very similar to ‘free’ schools]. From this my aim is to advocate for a better UK Free School & Academies system.
    Alongside studying I write for  LKMCo, a think-and-action tank and provide research support to their work improving education services for young people. Through LKMCo I published a booklet  “The Six Predictable Failures of Free Schools…And How To Avoid Them” and I have also written for The Times Education, The New Statesman, CERP and Optimus Education. I also contributed a chapter to the Oxford Handbook of Happiness.
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Two speakers from The National Science Learning Centre

Two more speakers have confirmed:

Dr. Carol Davenport, Professional Development Leader, National Science Learning Centre

Dr. Emily Perry, Secondary Professional Development Leader, National Science Learning Centre

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Video contribution from DT Willingham

Daniel T Willingham, internationally renowned Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia will be sending us a video contribution exclusive to researchED 2013.

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They keep saying yes!

Two more speakers have confirmed today:

More news soon.

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And three more…

A further three speakers have confirmed, bringing the running total of ResearchED2013 speakers to eleven:


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